What we Provide

Professional and Artistic Portraits

I want to capture your personality and represent your image for who you truly are. I specialize in creating dramatic portraits on-location or shot in a studio with digital retouching effects.

On-Location Options

My professional headshots can be taken care of on-site or in studio. I travel with a portable studio that can be used for hybrid on-location and studio shots; making the best of each environmental location.

Included Retouching Options

You might as well have your portraits stand out. I specialize in composite photography: placing people from one environment and transporting them into another environment they imagine being part of.


Portrait Examples

Environmental Portrait 11
Environmental Portrait 10
Environmental Portrait 09
Environmental Portrait 08
Environmental Portrait 07
Environmental Portrait 06
Environmental Portrait 05
Environmental Portrait 04
Environmental Portrait 03
Environmental Portrait 02
Environmental Portrait 01
Musicians 10
Musicians 09
Musicians 08
Musicians 07
Musicians 06
Musicians 05
Musicians 04
Musicians 03
Musicians 02
Musicians 01
Modeling Photography 08
Modeling Photography 07
Modeling Photography 06
Modeling Photography 05
Modeling Photography 04
Modeling Photography 02
Modeling Photography-01
Artists 05
Live Music 03
Live Music 02
Live Music-01

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